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Functional item of furniture which is a combination of wardrobe and bunk bed.




 Armchair “Fun” is available with headrest.



two door wardrobe

product code:

T06-10-POP-G,T06-10-POP-O, T06-10-POP-CB  


redo design studio



Two door wardrobe thanks to its compact size perfectly fits with the small, difficult spaces. Functional and original design allows you to create sets of two, three or even four pieces of furniture that could serve as a dressing room.


CLICK collection is made of chipboard, melamine, veneered marginally ABS edge. Colored and white handles, shelves and colored housings are made of lacquered MDF.



CLICK  collection is available in two color versions - White with white, oak or graphite handles or white fronts with color handles ang graphite body.


The wardrobe is equipped with both a bar and a set of three shelves. You can select the most suitable variant of the interior of the wardrobe.




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  • height: 207 cm
  • width: 100 cm
  • depth: 56 cm

* Producer reserves the right to change the dimensions of the product.

* Note! product for self-assembly.