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Functional item of furniture which is a combination of wardrobe and bunk bed.




 Armchair “Fun” is available with headrest.



LOFT bunk bed

product code:

PL-04-X-X-X (bunk bed)

PL-05 (bedding container)

PL-06-B,  PL-06-G, PL-06-O, PL-06-P, PL-06-GR (mattress)

PL-07-BLACK, PL-07-WHITE (expanders)





Exceptional, functional, an impressive unusual design and unique construction solution - new LOFT bunk bed is available to all who are looking for their children unusual, original and practical furniture.

The LOFT bunk bed features several very interesting technological solutions. The whole structure of the furniture is based on the colorful panels and when combined together they form the beds back. The panels have a series of holes drilled, which provide the basis both for the same construction and specially designed furniture accessories (hooks, shelves, expanders). The bed is a set of 18 expanders (braided rubber bands), so you can easily attach to bed any kind of  of notes, souvenirs, "Remind Me", photographs, drawings, and even cuddly. In addition expanders are available with optional hangers and shelves, which significantly enhance the functionality of the furniture.

Loft is a comfortable space for two siblings, even in a small room size it can be fully utilized. Both beds are fitted with slatted bed bases. Additional (optional) bed can be equipped with containers.

The panels and the upper headrest and legrest  are available in six different colors. The panels are available in two sets of two panels. This means that you can select a different color for each of the set (a set of two panels).

Compact size, enormous amount of color combinations, additional and unique accessories - all of these are features of the new, innovative bunk bed introduced by TIMOORE.


The back bed, upper headrest, upper legres, and front panels are made of lacquered MDF. Side bed frame and ladder are made of solid beech wood. Lower headrest, lower legrest and bed linen containers are made of real wood veneer panels.



The basic price of the bed shall set expanders (18 units), and a marker for drawing on the back panels of the bed.

Mattresses, bed linen containers, hooks, shelves, and other accessories are excluded

Mattresses dimensions that match LOFT bunk bed are 80x180x15 cm.

Suitable for children 6+ 



  • original design
  • stable structure wall-mounted
  • allows to attach of additional accessories (hooks, expanders, shelves)
  • double-sided ladder ( left or right)
  • different variants of color
  • 18 functional expanders (braided elastics) -option




  • height: 180 cm
  • width: 191 cm
  • depth: 110 cm

*producer reserves the right to change the dimensions of the product.