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Functional item of furniture which is a combination of wardrobe and bunk bed.




 Armchair “Fun” is available with headrest.



LOFTday bed

product code:

PL-08 (sofa)

C01-01-180-(…) (materac)

PL-08-R/L-(…) (boczne poduszki L/R - komplet)

PL-08-BACK-(…) (tylne poduszki - komplet)

PL-08-C, PL-08-BLA (szuflada)




LOFT day bed in 40 color combinations is ideal both for daily relaxation as well as fully comfortable night sofa. A simple bed fits well with the child, youth and adult room space. The mattress size 180x80 cm can provide enough space for a comfortable and safe sleep.

A functional side storage designed for storing newspapers, books or electronic gadgets can suit at home, in offices and commercial buildings.

The LOFt day bed can be equipped with a removable upholstered elements - side and rear cushions (40 color palette of fabrics), as well as two spacious drawers available in two colors: graphite and cream.


The sides of the sofa are made of natural beech wood, laminated board, and the back with lacquered MDF. The drawer is available in graphite and light creme.



Upholstered sofa elements (side cushions, mattress and drawers) are separate elements in the commercial offer. Please ask us for the details.

Suitable for children 6+


  • oryginal design
  • stable construction
  • universal form
  • functional side pockets
  • optional upholstered extras
  • spacious drawers
  • dozens of colors to choose




  • height: 83 cm
  • width: 195 cm
  • depth: 84 cm

*producer reserves the right to change the dimensions of the product.












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