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Functional item of furniture which is a combination of wardrobe and bunk bed.




 Armchair “Fun” is available with headrest.



box for toys TOY BOX

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- TOY box:


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C01-23-B, C01-23-P, C01-23-G,C01-23-O









Practical box for toys ... but not only. With universal design will fit as a container for toys, sport equipment,shoes or slippers, as well as a convenient kids bench. The box is made of lacquered MDF and natural beech wood. The toy box, with its solid construction, will hold all toddler’s treasures and at the same time will be an inspiration for original plays. It is equipped with a high-quality actuator so that your child’s fingers are always safe.



Main features:

  • original design
  • optional removable upholstery
  • fingers save actuator
  • solid construction


*Note! Self assembly furniture.

  •  fabric sampler: