meble dla dzieci - container | Timoore




Functional item of furniture which is a combination of wardrobe and bunk bed.




 Armchair “Fun” is available with headrest.




product code:

T01-06-B-B, T01-06-P-B, T01-06-G-B, T01-06-O-B


Product’s description:

Not very big, however a very helpful item of furniture. When you place it next to your desk, it can be used as a cabinet for example for your bits and pieces, documents and drawings. Placing it next to your bed it will change into bedside table. Thanks to back wheels installed and its small size, the item of furniture is very mobile and also very  practical. The inside of the container resembles the inside of a desk container. There are used two drawers, the smaller one puts in entirely in the item of furniture.  

Main features:

  • originality of design
  • big, comfortable handles

Colour scheme: