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Functional item of furniture which is a combination of wardrobe and bunk bed.




 Armchair “Fun” is available with headrest.



bookshelf – top of sideboard

product code:

T01-08-B-B, T01-08-P-B, T01-08-G-B, T01-08-O-B


Product’s description:

Poems, coloring books, notebooks, CDs, board games- these are only part of things that there are in your child’s room. When there appears a problem with storing, sorting and placing it, the solution may be a TIMOORE bookshelf. Six two- color shelves will help your child place his favorite books  in such a way that anytime he can reach the one he needs. TIMOORE bookshelf is an ideal partner for a young man who just starts his adventure with school. A bookshelf in a set with a sideboard creates an original and very functional child’s bookcase.

Main features:

  • originality of design
  • six two- color shelves
  • stable frame made of solid wood ensures stiffness and durability of the construction
  • it has been designed especially for a child at the school age

Colour scheme: