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Welcome to Timoore website

Timoore brand is a new initiative on European market of children’s products.Our ambition is to create original, safe and exceptional items, as exceptional as our children are. 

On the Timoore website you will find furniture and various accessories specially designed and manufactured  for your kids.





PLUS collection in the new arrangement!


WE RECOMMEND our New Timoore arrangements with the beautiful new line PLUS furniture!


LOFT - new bunk bed by TIMOORE

Another fantastic product from the design line in TIMOORE on sale now! We are pleased to introduce new, highly original bunk beds in the PLUS collection.

LOFT bed is a new product in the children's furniture market. LOFT not only has impressive, vibrant styling, it is also combine a completely fresh approach to the issues related to the functionality and construction of furniture.



Learn more about the new LOFT bunk bed. We invite you to see the details!

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CLICK - new ideas and colours


Attention! CLICK collection changes.


Timoore expands the CLICK collection with a new TV cabinet.

At the same time we have introduced new coloring handles and entire look ...


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PLUS - new line products by TIMOORE


Timoore introduces a new product line called PLUS.

This is not a typical collection, but rather a set of furniture and home furnishings with exceptional design and functionality.

The first piece of furniture is inspired by the shape of a tree - "WOODshelf".

Our new shelf is already available with all of our trading partners. WELCOME!

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